5 must haves for successful email marketing

Email still rules OK. Content marketing has it’s time and place, and social media is one big brother you can’t live web cam ignore. But in terms of reach, research and ROI, email marketing still wins. It’s cheap to send, it’s completely traceable and it talks directly to the individual consumer. What more could you ask for?



Marketing successfully via email takes some careful planning though. Simply spamming cold lists of addresses is only likely to get you labelled as spam pretty quickly. Conversely, using lukewarm subscribers or confirmed opted in addresses to send high quality valuable content at the right time will get your brand noticed and put you head and shoulders above the competition. Here’s how you do it right:

  1. Automated messages: Automation is the future of email marketing, so you want to set up a series or ‘flow’ of emails that enhances the customer journey with your brand. Consider setting up a welcome series, where they are confirmed and welcomed to your brand, and then followed up by useful or valuable emails. Our auto responder feature takes care of this, and can help to boost the trust and relationship between you and your subscribers.
  2. Responsive emails: The mobile market is growing exponentially, and right now around 7 out of every 10 emails will be read on a smartphone or tablet. This means you need an intelligent, responsive email design that can present your content beautifully no matter what device it is viewed upon. All our templates are optimised for both desktop and mobile, so your email will look perfect no matter where it’s opened.
  3. List maintenance: Staying on top of your subscriber list is key to maintaining a healthy, cost effective database. Hard bounces (e.g. invalid addresses) should be removed instantly, and soft bounces (e.g. full mailboxes) after a number of repeated failures. With a tool like ours, you can manage all this as well as automating your opt outs, subscription changes and account alterations.
  4. Excellent reporting: To make your campaign work well, you need to know who clicked what, as well as when and how. By understanding the content that makes your subscribers take action, you’ll be able to capitalise on your successes and eliminate your mistakes more efficiently.
  5. Consistent IP address: Having the same IP address is crucial if you are going to get past all those spam filters with every message. Our own delivery servers are whitelisted with major ISP’s such as Hotmail and MSN, giving your email the best chance of making to the subscriber possible.

Talk to us about your email marketing campaign and let us help you create a strategy that will have a positive impact on your business.